KAC is a private, invitation only Ski Club. Apart from the outstanding value, KAC Club accommodation offers, the overall feeling of walking into a KAC lodge, is one of belonging and having a sense of trust and familiarity.

For Senior Member admission there are the following requirements:

  1. Nomination by two existing financial KAC Members who have been in the club for 3yrs.
  2. Nominating KAC Members must have known the candidate for a minimum of 3yrs.
  3. Stay at any one of the KAC Lodges at least once as a Guest for a minimum total of 4 nights. This is a very important requirement. Applications will not be approved if an applicant has not stayed previously for at least 4 nights. This is important so that prospective new Members get a true understanding and feel for KAC lodge life. These are NOT hotels.
  4. Member Interview with the KAC Board.
  5. Acceptance of Member requirements.
  6. On completion of membership requirements, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Constitution of the Kosciusko Alpine Club is issued to new Members who thereby accept their membership in accordance with the terms therein, together with Lodge regulations.

Full details including the entrance procedures, Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions can be obtained by contacting a current Member or by contacting the KAC office at


*** There is currently a Junior Membership waitlist in place ***  Please contact the Office for further information