Winter Booking Schedule for 2024


Members Only 6 & 7 night reservations:

Perisher ONLY opens at 9am on Monday 4th December 2023, and

Thredbo and Charlotte Pass then open together at 9am on Monday 11th December 2023.

Immediate Family of a Member not booking with a Member 6 & 7 night stays commence from 9am on Monday 22nd January

Non-Member 6 & 7 night stays commence from 9am on 4th March 2024.

The full 2024 Winter Booking Schedule table is below.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON CHARLOTTE PASS FOR 2024. The operator of Charlotte Pass Snow Resort (CPSR) has advised that it will not open until Saturday 22nd June 2024 and will be closing on Sunday 22nd September 2024. Accordingly, our KAC Charlotte Pass Lodge will open and close on the same days. This means very importantly that KAC Charlotte Pass WILL NOT be open on the traditional June Long Weekend. This is because the lifts will not be operating and neither will the Oversnow transport, both of which CPSR control.

To make a booking please use the

2024 Winter Online Accommodation Form


Booking Notes:

  • KAC is "Lodge" accommodation. We fill beds, NOT rooms. Accordingly, expect to share with your children/family members and/or other guests in your Group Booking, especially during Peak, heavily booked and popular times.
  • Accordingly, the Club cannot cater to specific room requests. 
  • KAC lodges operate a “run-of-house” policy regarding room allocations and the Office reserves the right to re-room properties to maximise occupancy. For this reason, we do not disclose room allocation prior to arrival as these details may change.
  • All requests for bookings must be made using the 2024 Winter Online Accommodation Request form.  
  • Online bookings requests received prior to 9:00am on the day of opening, for any of the lodges and lengths of stay outlined in the table below, will not be considered or accepted
  • All bookings must be made within a Saturday to Saturday block: i.e. seven night stays arrive/commence on a Saturday with departure the following Saturday. Six night stays are arrival Saturday or Sunday departure Friday or Saturday.
  • All Bookings are tentative until the 50% deposit has been paid and the deposit must be paid within seven days of receipt of accommodation confirmation.  Should a deposit not be received the booking request will be cancelled.  
  • Please ensure you take out Travel Insurance. KAC's Booking and Cancellation Policy is very explicit and conditions are strictly adhered to.
  • Single Occupancy Supplement - if no single rooms are available, members may book double rooms for sole single occupancy upon payment of an additional tariff. The tariff is equal to the members rate for the length of the stay.
  • KAC uses a Dietary Restrictions Plan that allows our Lodge Managers to appropriately manage medical allergies and religious requirements with a ‘Plan B’ for our Members with eating "preferences".  We will always offer lifestyle choice menus for vegetarian, vegan and religious (no pork/no shellfish) guests but we will be narrowing our options for preferential ‘I don’t like’ choices’.  When you complete the Online Accommodation Request you’ll be asked to specify your medical allergy dietary restrictions or lifestyle choice within a range.  Then, while we are processing your booking request, should you indicate a medical allergy, we will send you an email asking for more clarification – you will be asked to complete an Allergic Reactions Management Plan form and an ASCIA Action Plan (if required) and return the forms to KAC.  Once received we will ascertain if we are able to meet your allergic requirements or if you may be required to bring foods from home to supplement our available meal plan.  We understand that not all dietary ‘restrictions’ are allergies and that some guests may have strong preferences i.e. ‘I don’t eat seafood’ – our response to these preferential requests will be to offer you the vegetarian option for that meal.  We hope that by streamlining our approach we will be best able to protect our allergic members and guests and offer a delicious alternative to others without compromising the high culinary standards our members have come to expect in our Lodges!
  • Toddlers from 0-2 years of age are welcome to stay for free at all KAC Lodges.  Please note that no catering is provided for this age group - given the broad range of meal needs, we are unable to cater for babies and toddlers.  Please ensure you bring all meal and snack requirements with you – we have pantry storage, fridges and microwaves for you to use but we do not have specialist equipment e.g. blenders and processors available for guest use. If you would like to book a Lodge cot (we have two available in each Lodge) please ask when you make your reservation.


Winter Booking Schedule for 2024



Booking Duration


Members and their non-member spouse & children.


Including non-member spouse & children not booking with the member.


All other family members, Union, University & Schools Club and referred Guests

KAC Perisher

6-7 nights

Monday 4th December 2023

Monday 22nd January  

Monday 4th March

KAC Thredbo

6-7 nights

Monday 11th December 2023

Monday 29th January

Monday 4th March

KAC Charlotte Pass

6-7 nights

Monday 11th December 2023

Monday 5th February

Monday 4th March

KAC – Perisher

5 nights

Tuesday 2nd January

Monday 12th February

Monday 11th March

KAC- Thredbo

5 nights

Monday 8th January  

Monday 19th February

Monday 11th March

KAC - Charlotte Pass

5 nights

Monday 15th January

Monday 26th February

Monday 11th March

All lodges

3-4 nights

Monday 18th March

Monday 25th March

Monday 1st April  

All lodges

1-2 nights

Monday 25th March

Monday 1st April

Monday 8th April


To ensure the integrity of exclusive KAC member preferential bookings here is a clarification of who can book and when!

MEMBER STAYS - only fully financial Members, that is those that have paid their 2024 Annual Subscription, may book during this period.  This is also extended to include in the Member's booking the "immediate" family only of the member including a non-member spouse and non-member children booking at the same time as the financial Member.  This does not include a member's non-member parents, siblings, children's non-member partners, non-member grandchildren or other guests.

IMMEDIATE FAMILY - is only for the immediate family of a member should they not be travelling with the member.  Once again this only includes an immediate non-member spouse and non-member children only. This does not include a member's non-member parents, siblings, children's non-member partners, grandchildren or other guests.

NON-MEMBERS - bookings are now open to all other guests - this includes all non-member family members (including parents, siblings, children's partners, grandchildren etc), UUSC members and guests referrred by members.



To maximise lodge occupancy, the Club initially takes bookings for Members based on 6- or 7-night stays.  These bookings must be made within the same 'booking week' i.e., between Saturday and the following Saturday.  7-night stays must check in on Saturday, and 6-night stays must check in on either a Saturday or Sunday.  Both 6 & 7-night say must check out on or before the following Saturday.  This means that longer stay durations do not cross over into the next week.  Bookings that cross over the Saturday are considered two shorter stay bookings.



Bookings close 24 hours prior to day of arrival.  Weekend bookings close 12:00pm (midday) Friday for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday arrivals.



KAC's vision is to provide its Members with Australia’s premier Club experience and its mission is to promote the sport of skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and other sports games to encourage usage of the Club, while fostering a sense of community and providing compelling value to attract and retain Members for life. Accordingly, the Board of Kosciusko Alpine Club has developed a Code of Conduct so that ALL members, guests and staff understand the standard of conduct expected of them whilst they are:

  1. On Club premises,
  2. Engaged in Club business, events or activities on or off Club premises, or
  3. Representing the Club in any capacity.

The Code of Conduct, which applies to ALL members, guests and other users of the Club, can, and should, be viewed via the following link - Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is also supplied with the Lodge Notes sent with every lodge accommodation booking.